Introducing the New GFC Prize Draw

Introducing the New GFC Prize Draw

By David Hardy
27 September
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You could win cash prizes in a new, exciting and easy way to support the Greens, by taking part in the monthly 'Gorleston FC Lucky Dip' draw.


GOrleston Lucky Dip

Like a '100 Club', GoLD is a prize draw which takes place monthly, usually at the first home game of the month.

Entry is just £5 a month.

The winner of the prize draw will receive 40% of the total income for the month, second place will receive 20%, with Gorleston FC receiving the remainder. So if, for example, 50 people enter each month, the winner would receive £100 and runner up £50.
There is no limit on the number of entrants or the number of entries you can make.

How it works

  • Entrants pay £5 a month, preferably by Standing Order/Direct Debit into the GFC GoLD account, which can be set up either by the entrant direct with their own bank or via the website
  • Or they can pay £60 for a years entry through the website, PayPal or cash
  • Or pay £5 or more cash as and when.
  • Payment enters you into the next months draw, ie pay a fiver in October and you are in November's draw.
  • Once a payment is received each month, entrants are allocated the next consecutive number which will be their draw number for the month.
  • At the first home game each month, the two winning numbers are drawn.

How to join the GoLD Club
Payments can be made preferably by setting up a direct debit, which is easiest done through the website from here:

Or, you can set up a DD/SO directly with your own bank to pay into the GoLD account, the details for which are:
Sort code: 30-96-17
Account number: 11567960
When you set up a standing order please remember to include your name as a reference. This is so we know who has entered the draw and who to pay if you win!

Or, you can send your payment through PayPal:

Or, you can pay cash to the club, either for a month as and when or for several months in advance.

The draw

The draw will be made at the beginning of each month, usually at the first home match, from the previous months payers, with the winners being announced on our website and social media platforms.
The prize fund
40% of the total raised will be donated to the club and the remainder will be the prize fund for two lucky winners distributed as 40% first prize and 20% second prize

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit more than one entry per month?: Yes you can submit as many entries as you like.
Do I have to enter every month?: No, you can stop your standing order at any time and then restart it when you want to rejoin.
Why do you need a reference on the standing order?: We need a reference so we know who has entered and who to pay if you win. If we don't know who has entered, we can't congratulate you when you win!

If you require any further info see David Hardy or email

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