Alltime Records and High Scorers 1 of 6

1. Highest Scorers and Penalty Takers

Up to the end of the 2018/19 season 40 players have scored 50 or more goals for Gorleston, here they are:

NameLeagueFA CupAmateur CupFA VaseSenior CupOthersTotal
Eddie Woods30121404575437
William Daniels20913202963334
Gary Ingram16350131515211
Jack Hunter13817001521191
Sammy Morgan1108661321164
Arthur Brooks99310435142
Steve King95108710121
Ron Downing9926044115
Colin Danby10410225114
Albert Harris49200853112
Tommy Harrison94000011105
Jack Thomas501100191797
Peter Lambert820065396
William Barclay6608091093
Jack Kelf5610507987
Walter Millican5228091586
Neville Coleman637007784
Christy Finch6730211083
Phil Wooldridge633067483
Bill Dowell551604874
Kevin Woodcock620022773
Kevin Ready4810441572
John Blyth512075671
George Snowling564044169
Kelly Barth440079868
Brian Jillings650000267
Joel Watts511061463
Mick Mulligan581013063
Terry Johnson471027562
Ronald Spooner421409561
Martin Woolsey405044659
Lee Hunter460027358
Chris Sandford472015358
Connor Ingram46322457
Ally McKenna471024256
Barry Westgate420060856
Andy Watt24410012656
Bobby Smith391407455
Robert 'sailor' Brown3270010453
Bradley Hough452011352

Below is a list of players who have scored 5 or more penalties for the Greens up to the end of the 2018/19 season:

Steve King26
William Daniels18
Gary Ingram14
Adrian Harris13
Keegan Middleton12
Bill Dowell11
Barry Westgate 10
Connor Ingram9
Cecil Strong8
Jimmy Guy8
Christy Finch7
Jon Reynolds7
Neville Colman6
Eric Arnold5
Graham Jervis5
Sid Plunkett5
Joel Watts5

Thanks to Bryan Bunn for the older statistics.